Monday, January 19, 2015

Here are the photos I promised.

I need to remember to take pictures of everything I make.
The reason for that is that I made my first hard covered journal for my grandson. We were at the big box book store and he saw a black journal with Peanuts  cartoons on the front and a simple black ribbon to mark your page.  He wanted it. The cost was $25.00.  I told him...buddy, I can make one for you and it will not cost me anything but the scrap paper and cereal boxes for the covers.  I made it, it was wonderful.  I could not get the front and back pages of the signatures to lay like they were suppose to so I just glued down the front page, I had sewn the signatures on the sewing machine and put them together with gauze tape, so they were not going anywhere. The back I left alone and put a piece of white card stock over the first signature page to secure it in place so it would not flap.  I added a pocket on the back book on the inside and put some journal cards in the pocket.  I took some cartoon coloring pages off the internet, shrunk them down and used them to decorate the front with a Snoopy and the rest I stuck on every other  page in the journal.  He loved it.
I did not take a picture of it!
Then our granddaughter wanted a book of her own, so I made a mini like the one in the pictures.  Of course she was happy and I made hers out of scrape as well!
The pictures attached are of the front and backs of the Toilet Paper Roll cards I have been making.  Some for Congrats, some for Birthday and the others for just because.  I finally decided they all did not have to hold gift cards, some could just hold a nice note. 
The cards are for OWH. I just need 30 more for a box of 100 to send with week. 
The picture of the cabinet are ms, all my mini album, altered composition notebooks both big and small. I need to find a way of selling them.  I have so many and I am sure my family has enough!  LOL!!!
Have a great week and I will be back later in the week.  Thanks for looking and a big thank you to everyone on the net that has posted a tutorial on how to make cards, minis, journals etc., etc. Without you I would not be where I am today!
I love crafting.  Remember as Carol told me in the beginning...always take pictures of your work regardless if it comes out the way you wanted it to or not.

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