Monday, November 10, 2014

Christmas Tags

Today I finally got a chance to work on my Christmas tags yesterday.  They are all date stamped and initialed.  No room for my stamp on them.  Besides it would look rather tacky I think to stamp them.  So I used a little date stamp and then just initialed them. 
I am using the Graphic 45 large tags and making them into an ornament so that instead of just a card, my family and friends can hang them on the tree.  I also stamped and sealed all the thanksgiving cards so i could put them in the mail today.
I will take some pictures and post a few of the tags later.
Trying new stamps ad new inks.  I am not sure if I like the long drying inks.  I am not patient enouph to wait until they dry.  I will have to break out my hair dryer!  :)
Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Beautiful Day!

Had the day off and had some me time.
Had my nails done. Painted with Garden Flamingo with two cupcakes on my ring fingers! 
Cute, thank Vanessa!
Off to Michael's for some more Craft supplies! Can Never...have enough!
Went shopping and back to the house to make a couple of birthday cards. The first one I worked on is for our neighbor and friend Joe. He turned 40 on Tuesday, party on Saturday. So I found some golf themed paper in my stash and said Happy FORE and a wooden golf T on the front. I will post.
The other card is for one of the Instructors at work
I could spend the whole day in the craft room.  My husband calls it Craft Crack! I agree!
I worked on a couple more Christmas tags. I need to make some Operation Write Home cards. I am way behind.
Thanks for dropping in. 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Getting there!

Slowly but surely I am getting this blog thing learned!
Ms Carol helped me out today on how to figure out the background.  I am going to try and post some of my Christmas Tags.  I finished my Thanksgiving cards and will get those out in the mail.  I waited way to long to get supplies for fall, so I was not real happy with my creations! 
I have to learn to just relax and have fun.  If I don't get them done...then I don't get them done.
Thank you for coming along on my new adventure.


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Today I am uploading a copy of all the cards that I just sent in to Operation Write Home (OWH) that is where most of my cards go.  You can take a look at my photos.  I believe that all posted are my own creation..
I am working on large Christmas tags to give as cards/ornaments for my family this year.  I am using the large Graphic 45 Kraft tags.  I will post a couple when I am finished.
If anyone reads my blog post, I sure could use some help on what to post and how this all works.  I just want to share my creation.  Thank you!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Simplisity in blogging

I am so new at this an have no idea what I am doing.  The maker of this blog spot says he created it for ease of use!  I have been fumbling around with it for months and still can not quite get it together.
I started a blog so that I could participate in the Reto Sketches Challenge. I am a fairly new Paper Crafter.  I love to make cards for our troops and mini albums.  I have altered composition books large and small.  I normally do not sell my items.  I give them away.
If anyone has suggestion as home I go about this blog to make it interesting, please HELP!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Update 9/27/2014

Spent the day in the craft room yesterday adding white pages to my dark cards for Operation Write home and putting them in order and adding stickers to the back.  Tried to make one of the file folder albums, but it was a bust. If I can not get it perfect, I will toss it all.  I did start a new kraft paper  one with pocket and bands for adding to the binding.  Did a cover and redid it twice before I tossed it and started over.  I notice that when I get in a hurry, I mess up.