Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Cards all made and sent. Packages all wrapped and under the tree!

It has been a very busy past couple of months!
I made over 60 regular Christmas cards and fourteen sets of gift cards.
I made 10 sets of 10 cards and envelopes for a dear friend.  I will not be doing that ever again.
Not nearly enough time in the day for all that and a full time job!
I am ready for Christmas now.  The tree is finally up and the gifts are all wrapped. All of the packages sent to relatives far away. Christmas cards all got send last week as well.
I also made some of these Christmas Potpourris for my sisters and brother and a couple of friends.

Then of course I had to make my Chex mix.  I make it every year at Christmas. I gift it to our next door neighbor Joe.  He like to snack on it while watching the Red Skins get beat...oh I mean play football!  LOL!
We had our Christmas party with one of my son's family last weekend.  Lots of food and fun!

I am off to the next project and wrapping gifts for my Granddaughter Annabella's birthday on the 7th of Jan. 

I hope all of you have a very Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Look who has been busy in the craft room!

                                         Gift set of 8 cards and envelopes for Christmas.

                                          Another gift set made with Me and My Big Ideas.

                                          Only had one package of Me and My Big Ideas
                                          "Cards in an instant" I can not remember where I
                                           picked these up at,  but I will be looking for more
                                           of them!

                                          Just a few of the cards for family, friends and co-workers.
                                          So much fun in the craft room!

                                          Special gift set for my Mother.  I usually do not color anything.
                                          the little fox was part of a gift set I received when I purchased a
                                          Craft Card making magazine. The other stamp is from a destash box 
                                          I ordered. I just combined them on an acrylic block and stamped on a
                                          piece of bright white card stock. ( I did the same with the inside,combining
                                          two stamps.) I had some Crayola colored penciled that I purchased for our
                                          grand children and I just took the orange, red and green and colored. It took longer but it was done for a wonderful woman. I put on some little dots of red color on the berries and applied the inside and added the washy tape on the top.

Sunday, November 20, 2016


Good morning!

Once again...I forgot to take pictures of my Thanksgiving cards.  I sent them all out Friday!
Grrrr...I need to remember to do that!
I finished and delivered the 10 boxes of 10 each blank cards for a friend.  It was fun!  Not this close to Christmas ever again though.
I worked on some more cards for our troops. I would like to get a box out before Christmas.
After next week I need to complete Christmas card. I need about 60 every year! I try to make each one individule to the peroson that will receive it.
Thanks for stopping by!
 I will try and post once a week! TRY!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

This week...lots of cards made!

Hello all!
This weekend I worked on gift sets for a friend. She came to me this week and asked if I could make here 10 packs of 10 cards each of blank cards that she can give as gifts.  She wanted to be able to gift them for use as Thank You's, Hello, Just because, Birthdays...etc. She had a special request that one pkg. would be blank for possible Thank you cards for a Baby gift.

I told her I would try!
Below are 8 pkg's. with 10 cards in each pkg. I had lots of fun! Just 20 more to go!
Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Cards for our Troops.

Just a few cards for our troops that I finished.  Many more to go.  Had to take a break and finish my Halloween cards. Finished them today and made a couple or note pads out of scraps, then on to some cute little Hello cards. Not finished with those yet, will post when I am done.
Thanks for stopping by!