Friday, March 31, 2017

Two new painting.

I painted a bunny rabbit last week and a pink flamingo last night!
The bunny is a bit fat, but not bad for my first attempt...and the pink flamingo turned out great!  i can hardly wait to make a card out of a scanned copy for my son! 
We have an ongoing Pink Flamingo trade that has been going on for years.
They were quite simply drawn on watercolor paper 140 lb. and painted with Crayola Crayon watercolor paints.
Enjoy and thank you for stopping by!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Cute little 5x7 journal I put together this weekend!

Cute little 5x7 journal I put together this weekend using some stuff I had in my stash.
I like it lots!
Some of the products I used are pictured. I also used are the We are Memory Keepers Cinch to bind my journal. Lots of fussy cutting and inking of the edges.  It was fun.
Enjoy the pictures!

Monday, March 13, 2017

A little elephant for my neice's new office.

My second Crayola Crayon watercolor picture of an elephant for my nieces new office.
I used only the crayola crayon watercolors and paint brushes.  #ldlcreations #watercolorpaining

I scanned my original drawing on to a fresh piece of water color paper to paint first.  I did not want to make a mistake and mess up the original.  the top painting is the first one I did.
the bottom painting I painted Sunday night on my original sketch. total different colors.  I think I like the second painting better.

My first Crayola watercolor flowers.

My very first Crayola Watercolor painting of a group of flowers. Special Thanks to "A Piece of Rainbow" for her wonderful tutorial! I used only the Crayola Crayon watercolors and the paintbrush that came with it.  #ldlcreationsllc #watercolorpainting

And here is my second group of flowers! Love this on and am going to scan it and make a set of note cards out of it!
Thanks for stopping in!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Just a few more cards for the Soldiers' Angels and some Watercolors mixed in.

I tried some watercolors this week. It was not pretty.  I did try mixing and blending and decided to make some cards out of my practice sheets.  I let them dry and stamped one sheet with a camera stamp.  The others I turned over and made a background with those sheets. The front was a bit much color.
The rest of the pictures are ready for the Soldiers; Angels. #soldiersangels #ldlcreationsllc #handmadecards
Enjoy.  Stay crafty!

 The next few cards were printed on bright white paper and cut down to size to make these cards.

                     Here are the watercolor swatches made into cards.  I think they came out cute.