Wednesday, January 28, 2015

No craft room today.

Sorry. Had to work today. No craft room for me. :(
I had a dentist appointment! Yippie!
Hubby and I did get a visit from one of the boys and two of our grandchildren. We love our little people. All of them.
Work tomorrow. The off on Friday.
Hope to get back to the junk journal or some card making!
Be safe my friends and stay warm.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Envelope Mini

This is my current envelope mini.  I uses recycled cereal boxes for the covers. I had some irregular white shipping envelopes that I used and some scrap papers and embellishments. I found some jewels for the spine at AC Moore today for .99 cents. I will add those later.  I also worked on signatures for a Junk Journal.  My first.  I must thank Shannon Green:
She is full of information. I will post that when I am finished. Enjoy and TFSB.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My son's Viking Ship

I was working on a mini album, but stopped to make my son some tags.
My son deconstructs wood pallets and creates wood art.  Everything from the 4 foot Viking ship attached to 6 foot sharks. 
He does wonderful work. 
He did not have anything to attach to his projects when he delivered them, and did not even have a name for himself.  He came up with his business name,
I created the tags out of some large tags I had, some scrap paper and then designed the card on the computer with clip art, his name and email address. 
Not to bad for whipping them together this afternoon when I got home from work. 
If anyone knows anyone in the craft world that makes wooden name plates, I think those would be cool to etch his information on!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Here are the photos I promised.

I need to remember to take pictures of everything I make.
The reason for that is that I made my first hard covered journal for my grandson. We were at the big box book store and he saw a black journal with Peanuts  cartoons on the front and a simple black ribbon to mark your page.  He wanted it. The cost was $25.00.  I told him...buddy, I can make one for you and it will not cost me anything but the scrap paper and cereal boxes for the covers.  I made it, it was wonderful.  I could not get the front and back pages of the signatures to lay like they were suppose to so I just glued down the front page, I had sewn the signatures on the sewing machine and put them together with gauze tape, so they were not going anywhere. The back I left alone and put a piece of white card stock over the first signature page to secure it in place so it would not flap.  I added a pocket on the back book on the inside and put some journal cards in the pocket.  I took some cartoon coloring pages off the internet, shrunk them down and used them to decorate the front with a Snoopy and the rest I stuck on every other  page in the journal.  He loved it.
I did not take a picture of it!
Then our granddaughter wanted a book of her own, so I made a mini like the one in the pictures.  Of course she was happy and I made hers out of scrape as well!
The pictures attached are of the front and backs of the Toilet Paper Roll cards I have been making.  Some for Congrats, some for Birthday and the others for just because.  I finally decided they all did not have to hold gift cards, some could just hold a nice note. 
The cards are for OWH. I just need 30 more for a box of 100 to send with week. 
The picture of the cabinet are ms, all my mini album, altered composition notebooks both big and small. I need to find a way of selling them.  I have so many and I am sure my family has enough!  LOL!!!
Have a great week and I will be back later in the week.  Thanks for looking and a big thank you to everyone on the net that has posted a tutorial on how to make cards, minis, journals etc., etc. Without you I would not be where I am today!
I love crafting.  Remember as Carol told me in the beginning...always take pictures of your work regardless if it comes out the way you wanted it to or not.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Not forgotten!

I spent some time in the Craft room today. Continued with my TP cards.
Made a few adjustments to OWH cards and just need a couple more for my box of 100 to send to Sandy and the gang to get out to the troops.
We had rain, lots of it this AM but by noon it was gone! Yippee!
Watched the Packer throw away a chance at the Super Bowl!
Once a Wisconsinite you always carry a piece with you no matter where you go? Besides most of my family still lives there?
Pictures tomorrow. I promise. No school for us! Nice long weekend!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Continued with the TP gift card holder and straightened the craft room.

Continued with the creation of the TP greeting cards that will hold either a gift card or a greeting in the pocket.
I finally purchased the rolling baskets from World Market today.  I love them. I will try an post a picture of them.  I straightenedq the craft drawers and will put my stamps and inks in the new cart. 
Talked to little Willow on the phone again today.  She needs to get use to us. We don't get to see her as much as the older grandchildren.
It was a bejtiful day today.
I made home made chicken noodle soup and my hubby smoked a brisket. 
We will have that for the football games tomorrow. 
The soup was wonderful.
More tomorrow with pictures.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Oh boy.... I will try and do better!

Oh my goodness. I am a horrible blogger! 😬
Needless to say the Christmas tags/cards were all made and mailed well before the holiday came!
I had a great time making each and every one of them, personalized for each recipient.
The holiday itself was one of the worse I have had. I am glad it is all past.
The new year brings blessings of its own.
We have four wonderful and beautiful little people, our grandchildren. The youngest is only 5 months old. The oldest is 10 years old. They are the most blessed creations I have ever seen.
I continue to create cards for our troops! 746 this past year! Love it!
I am currently working on toilet paper roll gift card holders, mini albums and
I hope to post more photos of my work this year.