Friday, January 16, 2015

Oh boy.... I will try and do better!

Oh my goodness. I am a horrible blogger! 😬
Needless to say the Christmas tags/cards were all made and mailed well before the holiday came!
I had a great time making each and every one of them, personalized for each recipient.
The holiday itself was one of the worse I have had. I am glad it is all past.
The new year brings blessings of its own.
We have four wonderful and beautiful little people, our grandchildren. The youngest is only 5 months old. The oldest is 10 years old. They are the most blessed creations I have ever seen.
I continue to create cards for our troops! 746 this past year! Love it!
I am currently working on toilet paper roll gift card holders, mini albums and
I hope to post more photos of my work this year.

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