Sunday, August 27, 2017

Cards for Soldiers' Angels

Playing with watercolor pants!

Just a few of the cuties I have painted. Practice make perfect they say!  I have a long way to go!

Painted balls and let them run, then doodled with a permanent marker! 
 Jay Lee taught me this one.  Just paint some shapes, let them dry and use a marker to draw on them!

 This was a Peter Sheeler tutorial that I did!  Drew it with a permanent marker then painted it. I love love this one so much! Thank you so much Peter Sheeler.  You are a great teacher!
 Tried some scrapbook textured paper for this one and my new Prima watercolors. Hmmmm...not a fan. Like my Crayola Crayon watercolors better.
 Just some practice.
Jay Lee tutorial painting tulips.  I like them!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

A little something from the Craft room this rainy weekend.

 This was a tutorial I did using a Gel pen to draw then water color paints by Crayola Crayon. Love it!

 Cards I made for Soldiers' Angels by scanning my painting then stamping them with a sentiment.

 Little flowers painted on plain white paper using Prima watercolor paints. Still trying to get used to them. Like the Crayola Crayon watercolors the best so far.
 Some textured pattern paper that I had. Used the back to try painting on.
Little flowers I painted after drawing them with a fine point permanent marker. Another cutie!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Busy summer winding down.

It has been an extremely busy summer so far...but it seems to be winding down a bit.
I was able to get into the craft room for a couple of hours.
Below are a few of the things I finished.
Excuse the photos...Hubby gave me an IPod touch so that I could take pictures and videos while in the craft room.
I am not real happy with the outcome of the photos so far. 
I am going to go back to my Canon. It takes much better pictures.