Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Look who has been busy in the craft room!

                                         Gift set of 8 cards and envelopes for Christmas.

                                          Another gift set made with Me and My Big Ideas.

                                          Only had one package of Me and My Big Ideas
                                          "Cards in an instant" I can not remember where I
                                           picked these up at,  but I will be looking for more
                                           of them!

                                          Just a few of the cards for family, friends and co-workers.
                                          So much fun in the craft room!

                                          Special gift set for my Mother.  I usually do not color anything.
                                          the little fox was part of a gift set I received when I purchased a
                                          Craft Card making magazine. The other stamp is from a destash box 
                                          I ordered. I just combined them on an acrylic block and stamped on a
                                          piece of bright white card stock. ( I did the same with the inside,combining
                                          two stamps.) I had some Crayola colored penciled that I purchased for our
                                          grand children and I just took the orange, red and green and colored. It took longer but it was done for a wonderful woman. I put on some little dots of red color on the berries and applied the inside and added the washy tape on the top.

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