Sunday, January 22, 2017

Letting go!

I have 10 envelope mini albums free to a home. They would make great wedding, baby, graduation or memory photo albums.  Below are the pictures.
Pick the one you want, send me your address at: and I will get it in the mail for you ASAP!
They all have 6 signatures with pockets and tags but one, it has 10. I will mark that one when I load the pictures.
 One per address. Need to share.  Thanks for stopping by! #handmadecards, #ldlcreationsllc

                                         The one in the front, laying on it's side has 10 signatures in it.
                                         Signatures are pages with pockets that hold the tags for your pictures.
                                         This is an overview of the inside of the albums. The front one
                                         has 10 signatures.

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