Sunday, January 24, 2016

Just a little something from the craft room. Thank you for stopping by!

Hope you enjoy my little scrap pads.  So much fun to make.  I used two of them for a girl at work and the small one for my purse. Like a stated in the video the grandchildren are always looking for something to write on when we go out. They should enjoy all the colorful options they have in this little pad.
I am also working on my February birthday cards.  Finished one as shown in the video.  I have to remember to take a picture or video of the cards I send so that when someone tells me they love their card, I will remember which one I sent them.
Please leave a comment.  If there is something I can make and film let me know.  I would be happy to practice my video skills.  I can not edit yet, do not know how!  I know there are programs out there, just not sure what to use.  I am filming on a Flip recorder.  I know they do not make them any more so I am not sure what I can use to edit it!

Thanks for stopping by for a look.

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