Sunday, September 13, 2015

Busy Summer leading into a wonderful Fall!

Good morning my Crafty Friends,

It seems a day to ponder!

But first, I must say that I have been in the craft room creating.  Mostly cards for family and friends. Some mini albums, teaching my granddaughter how to make her own journals. I just have not been here to tell you all about it and wonder if anyone really reads my rambling!  :)

I am pondering today as well. Life, mostly mine. It seems the longer I am here on earth the faster time flies!
I want to make a difference in someone's life.  I want to do some act of kindness that will help others. But I can not think of what!

Since losing the Operation Write Home, (the group I made cards for) for our troops, I seemed to have lost a purpose to make craft as much. I do send cards to my mother to share with the people in her apartment complex, but not as many! 
I have given to the Food Bank to help the school children in the backpack program. I have found a of families in need and helped with a wonderful Christmas. I have helped family members through some tough times. And each day at my job, I try and help people better their life through learning a trade that will change their income and help shape their lives for the better...but it does not seem enough.

What can I do at a higher level to change lives?
That my crafty friends in my ponder for the day!

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