Sunday, February 22, 2015

LDL Creations, LLC Opps!

Today I realized that my name and web were spelled wrong. Opps!
Fixed that big mistake!  Was driving me CRAZY!
We have been snowed in for a week. Well at least a week without school! Temps were in the single digits!  COLD!
It snowed on Presidents Day, Monday the 16th, I had taken that day off to be with my husband. We had two of the grandchildren as they did not have school.  The snow came in Monday night so no school Tuesday and NO ONE WAS going anywhere Tuesday.  Way to much snow for our area to handle.  The grandchildren came back over on Wednesday and my husband had a two hour delay.  Thursday rolls around and they tell us that 12 month employees must report to work.  WHAT? None of our secondary streets have been plowed, 4-5 inches of snow and ice on them. guessed, I took another day off.  By Friday they closed us all down again as the ice and snow buildup was way to dangerous! I had the grandchildren again on Friday. By Saturday we had temps above 7 degrees so it started to melt. Enough of this winter for me!
I spent Saturday making altered mini compositions.  Cute. And I worked on some cards for OWH!
Stay warm!

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